Sunday, 20 March 2016

School Dinner Recipes Part 2: Chocolate Crunch & Chocolate Custard

Continuing my series of reliving school dinners from my childhood, I've made one of my absolute favourites today, chocolate crunch and chocolate custard!


For the crunch 
200g plain flour 
200g caster sugar
100g butter
50g Cocoa powder 

For the custard 
5tbsp custard powder
5tbsp caster sugar 
1tbsp Cocoa powder 
1 pint of Milk (I used semi-skimmed) 

1. Put the butter in a bowl and melt in the microwave

2. Starting with the crunch, mix the flour, sugar and cocoa powder together in a bowl, then add the butter. 

3. Using your hands, mix the content of the bowl together until it begins to look like breadcrumbs in texture 

4. Grease a tin and line with greaseproof paper, I used a loaf-sized one but you can use whatever you like

5. Pour the mixture into the tin, pushing it down to make it compact

6. Put in the oven at 180 degrees for 20 minutes

7. Once cooked, you can either eat warm or if you prefer it really crunchy then leave to cool

8. For the chocolate custard, mix the custard powder and sugar together in a bowl

9. Add a few splashes of the milk whilst stirring until it becomes thin in consistency with no lumps, then add 1tbsp of cocoa powder and stir all together until the mixture turns chocolatey in colour

10. Heat up the rest of the milk on a low heat, stirring constantly. Once it is starting to bubble remove from heat and pour into a bowl

11. Transfer this back into the pan (I'm not sure why exactly you should do this, but it seems to work!) and return to the heat, again stirring constantly. Be careful not to leave it on the heat too long here, as it can go lumpy very quickly

12. Drizzle over the crunch, which I cut into triangles and enjoy!

Thanks for reading!

Sam Xx


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