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Deciphering interior design styles

Last week I blogged about where to start with interior design, so I thought I'd take this a step further and look at all the different interior design styles you could go for when decorating your home, something I found quite overwhelming when we moved into our first house. So if you're not sure about your shabby chic's from your scandi's, this is the post for you! I've also included some mood boards featuring accessories available now on the high street as some ideas to get you started.
Obviously it should be said that this is just a start, and there are many other interior design styles out there. Also, some of the most beautiful homes adopt elements of all different themes to create a truly personalised space, so you don't have to just stick to one style either!

Vintage Country Cottage - I had to start with this one, as this is exactly what I'm trying to go for in my home! My ultimate dream is to live in a cottage in the country compete with beams, butler sinks, and a kitchen garden to grow our own vegetables. Whilst this is totally still a pipe dream at the moment, it doesn't mean I can't try and transform my home into something resembling this while waiting for my cottage to come along!

To achieve this look think floral patterns, pretty dressers housing tea sets, Cath Kidston inspired patterns and wooden worktops in the kitchen.

Vintage country cottages
Images above all from Pinterest

Vintage country cottage accessories
(Middle row, left-right): Cake stand - Laura Ashley, Toaster - Debenhams, Butchers Trolley - Laura Ashley (Bottom row, left-right): Kettle - Debenhams, Honeysuckle Cushion - Laura Ashley

Shabby Chic - In a similar vein to country cottage, however this style is also all about upcycling (something I'm a massive fan of - see the results of my first ever upcycling project here) to transform old furniture into beautiful pieces that look 'well-loved'. Neutrals and pastel colours are big in shabby chic homes, as well as pretty accessories and soft materials.

Shabby chic homes
Images above all from Pinterest

Shabby chic accessories
(Top row, left-right): Faux flowers - House of Fraser, LED Marquee Letter - Home Full of Dreams, Radio - Emma Bridgewater (Middle row, left-right): Cutlery set - Cath Kidston, Bunting - Not on the High Street (Bottom row, left-right): Egg holder - Next, Kitchen scales - Cath Kidston, Cushion - Cath Kidston

French Ornate - This look exudes glamorous, feminine beauty. Again pastels and neutrals work well, with pinks and purples in particular adding to the luxurious feel. Think lush fabrics such as velvet, as well as chandeliers and vintage-style furniture here too.

French ornate homes
Images above all from Pinterest

French ornate accessories
(Clockwise from top right): French Upholstered Bed - The French Bedroom Company, Mirror - Dunelm, Cushion - Habitat, Dressing table - Dunelm, Wall dresser - Not on the High Street, Chandelier - Next

Scandi - This style, originating from Scandinavia, focuses heavily on white walls and interiors, using exposed wood and hints of pastel colours and geometric patterns break it up a bit, whilst still maintaining a light and airy feel. Having many similarities with Industrial (which I will delve into a bit more below), copper accessories also work really well here. As you might have guessed, Ikea are really good at this style, which you can see from my mood board below!

Scandi homes
Images above all from Pinterest

Scandi accessories
(Top row, left-right): Cushion - Dunelm, Print - Not on the High Street, Pouffe - Matalan (Middle row, left-right): Cushion cover - Ikea, Rug - Ikea (Bottom row, left-right): Bedside table - Ikea, Copper pendant light - Not on the High Street, Chair - Ikea 

Art Deco - Featuring strong lines, mirrored surfaces and geometric shapes, this look is straight out The Great Gatsby. If you're not sure you want to go the whole hog with this one, style a room with art-deco inspired accessories, some ideas being in the mood board below.

Art deco homes
Pictures above all from Instagram

Art deco accessories
(Top row, left-right): Gold vase - Dunelm, Mirrored Tray - Oliver Bonas, (Middle row, left-tight): Lamp - Dunelm, Mirror (update: no longer in stock) - Dunelm, Chandelier - Laura Ashley, (Bottom row, left-right): Mirrored coffee table - Very, Side Table - Oka

Industrial - This style is your go-to if you imagine your dream home to be one that's simple, un-fussy and incredibly stylish. Totally on-trend at the moment, this look is all about highlighting a rooms structure and original materials to its advantage, using exposed brick walls, metal surfaces and accessories to create a modern looking 'warehouse' style.

Think copper accessories (still a must-have trend - check out Dunelm's brand new range here), reclaimed wooden shelves, and a mixture of fabrics, from leather to sheepskin (faux, of course!) to soften the look.

Industrial homes
Images above all from Pinterest

Industrial accessories
(Clockwise from top left) Set of three Storage Jars - Next Home, Copper Lantern - Dunelm, Cutlery set (update: no longer in stock)- Ikea, Galveston Industrial Pendant - Laura Ashley, Copper Dipped Cement Pots - Not on the High Street, Copper pendant - Dunlem

Hope this has been helpful with your interior plans, what's your favourite design style? And are there any more I've forgotten?

Thanks for reading,
Sam Xx

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