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Nine easy ways to declutter your home

nine easy ways to declutter your home

January. It’s not the most exciting time of year is it? Christmas is over, Spring still feels like a million years away, and your house is crying out for a deep clean (or is that last one just me?!) Clutter always generates some sort of anxiety in me - I just can’t bear to have ‘stuff’ everywhere. So living in a small home with a baby is really testing my OCD, I’ve genuinely considered ditching the coffee table as a way of fitting all the toys/high chair/jumparoo into my living room! 

So this week a huge spring clean was in order - there’s just something so satisfying about chucking bags of stuff out isn’t there?! I’ve had a clear out of every cupboard/drawer in the house and have invested in some additional storage, so thought I’d share my decluttering tips for anyone thinking of doing the same. 

  • Chuck unworn clothes - This is the biggest one for me. Ideally we want to be able to fit all our clothes into two wardrobes and a chest of drawers, freeing up as much floor space as possible, so I regularly have a ruthless clear out asking myself three questions: 
Have I worn it in the last year?
Does it hold sentimental value?
Would I buy it again today? 

If the answer to at least two of those is no then chuck/give to charity/sell. 

Space saving ideas 

  • Using ultra-thin clothes hangers, such as these from Amazon, can help you to squeeze more clothes into your wardrobe than standard sized ones
  • When packing into drawers roll clothes up and you'll be able to fit more in (also a good tip when packing a suitcase!)
  • I use drawer dividers in most of my drawers - you can pick some up for really cheap and they're a great way to cram even more in

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  • Once Spring comes around why not remove the winter boots/jumpers from your wardrobe and pack up in storage boxes? Therefore you'll only ever need space for half your clothes in your wardrobe at any one time

Maximise your storage

nine easy ways to declutter your home

This is the big issue for me as our home has only two built in cupboards, so we’ve had to get creative with storage...
  • Storage boxes can hie a multiple of sins. Choose pretty ones that you don't mind being on show - there's loads of beautiful wicker baskets, for example, out there. We have four IKEA fabric boxes which live in our wardrobe, and meant we were able to get rid of a whole chest of drawers, and I've got my eye on these wicker ones to hold toys in the conservatory. 

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  • Our kitchen was becoming increasingly cluttered with paperwork/important letters/recipe books etc, so I invested in a filing cabinet which not only holds so much, but helps me to keep organised too (no more hunting for the passport the night before a flight!). Ours is hidden in the coat cupboard, so doesn't take up valuable space either. 
  • Clever cupboards are a lifesaver. I rave about our trusty IKEA shoe cupboard all the time, but for good reason. Ours lives in our slim hallway, where it takes up very little space at all, but holds more than 30 pairs of shoes! 
  • Don’t waste space - pack things under the bed, on top of the wardrobe and even under the sofa - babies toys don't need to be stacked in a corner or all over the floor!

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  • Leave no stone unturned! Once a year I like to have a complete clear out of EVERY cupboard/drawer/shelf in the house, and I'm ruthless with what I find. If you don't absolutely need it, then chuck it. Every few inches of space you make in each drawer counts! 
nine easy ways to declutter your home

What are your tips for decluttering your home?

Thanks for reading,
Sam Xx

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