Friday 11 October 2019

Weekend Mini Make: Halloween Doormat

I'm back with another Weekend Mini-Make today: a quick craft you can complete over the weekend for less than a tenner. And even better than that, all my mini-makes are designed to be something beginners can try their hand at, whilst also being a relaxing, well-being boost. As I've mentioned before, I regularly turn to DIY and crafting when times get hard, so for me, having a creative outlet has become a vital part of my everyday life. I hope that these simple, cheap crafting ideas will inspire others to have a go, and see if it can make big changes in their life too.

Today's quick craft was inspired by all the seasonal door mats I've spotted over the place lately, in so many fun designs, perfect for jazzing up your front door for Halloween. So obviously this had to be my next project didn't it!

You will need: 
Plain door mat - I picked mine up in IKEA for £4.50, but most places will do them for cheaper
Black spray paint - I had some leftover from a previous project, a small can goes a really long way!

Total cost: £4.50

The first thing I did was decide on a design. I wanted to keep it simple, so went for a fun pumpkin polka dot pattern, which I then printed out to create a template. You could easily hand draw the shapes - if you've got a steadier hand than me!

However, if you want to recreate mine, you can download the stencil below (make sure to print onto A3).

Right click or press and hold to save this image & print to create your own stencil:

Once you've printed it out, cut out the pumpkin shapes and you'll be left with a template you can use to spray paint onto your doormat. If your door mat is larger than your piece of paper, like mine was, make sure to cover up the rest of the mat or the spray paint will mark it (something which I didn't realise until after my first failed attempt, as you can see!)

Once you've painted on your pattern, remove the paper, leave to dry and thats it! This is such an easy craft to have a go at, and can easily be adapted to whatever pattern you want.

Hope you enjoyed this quick and simple DIY - let me know if you make one, I'd love to see! And I'll be back next Friday with another quick craft perfect for completing over the weekend.

Thanks for reading,
Sam Xx

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