Monday, 26 June 2017

Ikea hack: DIY bar cart/drinks trolley

Ikea Hack DIY tutorial creating a drinks trolley bar cart using a Sunnersta trolley. Part of my summer garden makeover

I've had my eye on a drinks trolley for a while, however most of the ones I've seen cost a fortune. So with my recent overhaul of our patio area, what better excuse than to have a go at making my own! 

As you'll probably be aware I'm a huge fan of a bargain buy, and found this IKEA trolley for a complete steal at just £18! Using some rustoleum spray paint I've managed to transform it into something much more glamorous! Plus even better, it literally took me less than an hour to complete. 

You will need: 

IKEA Sunnersta Trolley
Rustoleum Spray Paint Primer
Rustoleum Metallic Spray Paint in Gold
Two wall mirrors (I used size 30cm x 45cm)

Before putting the trolley together I started by primed it with Rustoleum primer spray paint. This stage is important as you want the paint to stick to the metal as best as it can. 

After you've let this dry, you can spray with the gold. I did the first coat whilst the trolley was unmade, then assembled it and gave it a second coat as I found it was easier to get all the bits I'd missed once it was standing up. 

I then placed the mirrors onto the shelves. These are simple bathroom mirrors I picked up in Homebase, and luckily they are the exact measurements of the shelf - 30x45cm! I had intended to glue these in place, however they slotted in perfectly so I didn't bother. 

Now for the fun bit: decorating! I used the bottom two shelves to store all my alcohol, and styled the top shelf with some cocktail glasses, a bar sign, some summery flowers and a tassel garland which I put together using some gold tissue paper. I also couldn't resist this cute cactus light! 

Thanks for reading,
Sam Xx

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Ikea Hack DIY tutorial creating a drinks trolley bar cart using a Sunnersta trolley. Part of my summer garden makeover



  1. I DID NOT KNOW IKEA DO BAR CARTS * checks closing time on Sundays for IKEA Croydon * OK, that's tops because at £22 this is the most affordable bar cart out there. I mean, it's £22 and I have a spare can of gold spray paint, it's obvious what I will do now, right??

  2. What a great post, Sam! I'm so in need of a vpbar cart! I've seen one in IKEA I've loved for ages. Just need to actually buy it. Just need the alcohol to fill it first ;)

  3. What a great idea! Might need to try this x

  4. Oooh good idea! I’m pretty handy with a rattle can too!


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