Friday 24 November 2017

#dovecottagemyfaveroom: Louise's Lounge

Each Friday on the blog it's all about the beautiful homes I'm inspired by in my feature 'My Fave Room'. If you'd like to enter upload a photo over on Instagram of your favourite room in your home, using the #dovecottagemyfaveroom, and I'll be focusing on one each week. So without further ado, here's this week's room - the lovely Louise's (@Louise_rosexx) lounge ...

inspirational neutral lounge

Louise’s lounge is nothing but calm and serene cosiness - doesn’t it look like the nicest place to cuddle up on a winters evening?!

inspirational neutral lounge

How lovely are these country-style prints? I think it can be hard to know how to fill a blank wall sometimes, but these two frames are so simple yet effective, really setting the tone for the rest of the room. 

inspirational neutral lounge

I absolutely love this corner of the room - how beautiful is that console table?! I love the fact that all of the accessories are that beautiful neutral/grey colour too, plus what an amazing idea to use the old bottle to store a candle - finally an excuse to buy a bottle of Asti! 

inspirational neutral lounge

You can see a bit more of Louise’s gorgeous home here, doesn’t her dining room look like a beautiful space too?! I love that the calming neutral tones continue on through into there too. Also, how cute is the little basket on the stairs? I could do with one of those for all the socks that end up falling out of the laundry basket on the way to the washing machine! 

inspirational neutral lounge

This final picture shows exactly how cosy this room is - I’m after some a new sofa for our lounge, and these are exactly what I’d love, don’t they look comfy?

Thanks for reading, and thanks so much to Louise for letting us have a nose around her kitchen. Have a look round the rest of her beautiful home over on Instagram here, and enter your favourite room using the hashtag #dovecottagemyfaveroom - I'll feature another inspirational room next week.

Sam Xx

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