Monday 12 March 2018

Insta-imposter Syndrome

I recently updated my bio on Instagram to include ‘interiors blogger’, and I have to admit I did stop and think “can I really say that?” Because despite the fact I’ve been blogging about interiors for over two years, I still don’t think of myself as a ‘proper’ interiors blogger. To me that sounds so very professional, and I still look at myself as so very amateur. 

Being an interior blogger on Instagram leaves me feeling like I have imposter syndrome
I’ve always been the type of person that is very down on themselves and struggles with low self esteem - so it’s no surprise that putting myself out there brings a whole new wave of self-doubt with it. Logging into Instagram we’re met with beautiful magazine-quality images every day - of heavenly homes, stunning styling and inspirational interiors. And I love that, I really do. I’ve learnt SO much about styling and design in the past two years, and credit 99% of that to Pinterest and Instagram, and feeling inspired to push myself and my styling. However, I routinely feel my own home doesn’t match up. I’ve previously blogged about the challenge of trying to transform our ‘home for now’ into something more in-line with my dream house, but regularly feel like I’m struggling to keep up with changing trends due to being on such a tight budget and feeling reluctant to spend too much on a home we’re realistically not planning on staying in for much longer. 

Being an interior blogger on Instagram leaves me feeling like I have imposter syndrome

All this adds up to make me feel like a bit of an imposter. When posting pictures or writing blog posts, that old thought will often creep into my mind: "But my home is nothing special, what gives me the right to advise others on their's?" I'm not fishing for compliments here by the way, I just wanted to put my voice out there in an attempt to shatter the insta-perfect illusion, as very often real life is far from what we see in pictures. I think we can all be guilty sometimes of looking at other people's curated online lives and feeling that our own real, unfiltered lives don't match up.

Being an interior blogger on Instagram leaves me feeling like I have imposter syndrome

But we shouldn't. Because isn't interior design completely subjective anyway? There are no rules - everyone styles their home totally to their own taste, and a room that might excite one person may turn another off. I love sharing my own personal style, and if that can inspire someone else then wonderful, but its not going to be for everyone. However isn't that what makes communities like Instagram so great? There’s room for everyone - whether you're a professional interior designer, or just passionate about making your house a home. Because at the end of the day, aren't we're all just a girl crouching in front of her latest Homesense find to get the 'best angle' for a snap?  


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