Monday 27 May 2019

Update your home & garden for Summer 2019 for under £20

I absolutely love putting this feature together every season, and summer's no exception as its time for my absolute favourite - sitting out in the garden with a drink! Here's some of the best bits on the high street this season, and even better, every single thing you see here is less than £20. See, you don't need to spend a fortune to get your home and garden summer-ready! 

Under £10
George at Asda is absolutely smashing it at the moment - they've got so many beautiful bits in, how lush is that pink and green cushion?! If, like me, you're a serial plant killer (even in the garden!) why not pop some artificial plants around? I've previously blogged my favourite places to find realistic-looking artificial plants, but Homesense is definitely one of my go-to's.

1. Plant pot, Homesense, £7.99 (instore only) / 2. Gold cocktail shaker, Sainsbury's, £8.50 / 3. Fern stem, Homesense, £2.99 (instore only) / 4. Macrame cushion, George at Asda, £8* / 5. Tray, Sainsbury's, £4 / 6. Set of two baskets, Primark, £8 (instore only) / 7. Cushion, George at Asda, £6* / 8. Leaves mug, Marks & Spencer, £5* / 9. Doormat, Next, £10* / 10. Bath mat, Primark, £6 (instore only) / 11. Grass plant, Homesense, £7.99 (instore only)

Under £15
Pink and green seem to be everywhere at the moment don't they? Pop a couple of these cushions on your outside seating for a quick, easy revamp. You can never go wrong with another basket can you, use them to store your outdoor throws and blankets in, and how cool is that spotty table runner?!  
1. Plant pot, Marks & Spencer, £10* (instore & online soon) / 2. Tassel cushion, Next, £14* / 3. Woven basket, Homesense, £14.99 (instore only) / 4. Wooden lantern, Primark, £14 (instore only) / 5. Green cushion, Homesense, £12.99 (instore only) / 6. Pink cushion, Homesense, £12.99 (instore only) / 7. Aloe plant, Sainsbury's, £15 (instore only) / 8. Laundry basket, Homesense, £12.99 (instore only) / 9. Monochrome table runner, Sainsbury's, £12 / 10. Set of 4 side plates, Marks & Spencer, £14*

Under £20
That. Pink. Pom pom. Cushion. Need I say more? Also I've had my eye on one of those gold planters for my hallway for a while now - how beautiful would that look with a trailing plant in? Up your BBQ game with some fancy cutlery - how cute is that cactus plate?! Finally, use the pineapple fruit bowl to store your lemons and limes for those all-important cocktails, or why not pop a candle in to create a cosy glow, meaning you can stay outside with that glass of fizz longer into the evening.

1. Cushion, Dunelm, £20 / 2, Platter, Marks & Spencer, £17.50* / 3. Vase, Marks & Spencer, £19.50* / 4. Cutlery set, JD Williams, £19* (online soon) / 5. Pom pom cushion, Next, £20* / 6. Gold planter, Marks & Spencer, £19.50* (for the medium sized planter) / 7. Cactus plate, Amara, £16.50* / 8. Cushion, Sainsbury's, £16 / 9. Pineapple fruit bowl, Next, £18* 

So many lovely bits! Which ones have you got your eye on?

Thanks for reading,
Sam Xx

*This post contains some affiliate links, which I have marked with an asterisk*


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