Monday 4 November 2019

3 IKEA hacks to transform your playroom

Playroom ikea hacks you can complete yourself to transform your nursery. The IKEA Latt table and chairs, the duktig play kitchen and the regolit light shade are all hacked into toys perfect for your childrens rooms

Hands up who's started thinking about Christmas presents now its November? If you're stuck on what to get your kids this year (and are dreading all the inevitable plastic tat you'll have to find homes for), why not create something that's a little more fitting for your stylish home?

Best of all, these are all IKEA hacks meaning not only can you do this on a tight budget too, they're also great projects to get stuck into. I've included three projects of varying size and commitment, so you can pick and choose depending on how much time you've got spare. I've also included an update on how they've held up over time. Because if your kids are anything like mine, then nothing's safe for long!

So here's my three favourite IKEA hacks I've turned my hand to - all perfect for transforming the playroom and making great Christmas presents. Kids toys don't need to be ugly!

The big project: Duktig play kitchen

Read the full DIY tutorial here

Still my favourite upcycle, I'm not going to lie - this one isn't a quick project, so start now if you're thinking about having a go at the classic play kitchen hack this year. I've done all the hard work so you don't have to though - all the measurements, paint and tools you'll need are listed over on my post. If you're on the fence about if this one is worth it, my daughter has played with this everyday since we gave it to her last Christmas. It's a bulky item, so make sure you've got somewhere it can live without taking up valuable space, however there is lots of space inside it for storage.

How has it held up over time? 
It's been nearly a year and I've had to touch up the paint once, but only to cover up scribbles. I used spray paint to cover the sink, tap and handles, which has chipped so if I was to do this hack again I would paint the plastic parts instead. 

Total cost: The Duktig play kitchen costs £60 to buy, and I spent around an additional £50 on paint, sticky-back plastic and tile stickers - something to bear in mind. However, this will obviously depend on the style you want to go for.

Time taken: This hack took me a couple of weeks to complete, working on it in the evenings after my daughter had gone to bed. You could definitely get this done quicker though, if you've got more free time

The afternoon project: A chalkboard drawing station from the Latt table & chairs 

Read & watch the full DIY tutorial here

A good idea for doubling up your furniture and saving space - this idea was born out of the need for somewhere for my daughter to sit and colour, plus her outgrowing her high chair. She now sits here every evening to eat her dinner, and plays here during the day. I upcycled this using tester pots of paint, and transformed the plastic-coated top into a chalkboard drawing station with blackboard paint. No more felt tips on my dining table!

How has it held up over time? 
We've had this for eight months now, and the only touching up I've had to do was to cover up scribbles and to freshen the chalkboard top. Other than that I'm really impressed with how its lasted as we use this every single day. 

Total cost: The LATT table and chairs costs £22 to buy, and I used tester pots and cheap fabric sourced on eBay to complete the project. In total this one cost me £xx.

Time taken: You can absolutely complete this one in an afternoon

The one-hour craft: Hot air balloon from a Regolit shade

Read the full DIY tutorial here

A quick and easy crafting project - this is perfect for creating a cute nursery feature without shelling out big bucks. It's so simple to make too, simply use the student-house favourite Regolit light shade, which can be customised in so many ways to compliment your room's theme.

How has it held up over time? 
I made this a couple of months ago, and its still absolutely fine. Although that could be in part due to the fact that its hanging out of the reach of inquisitive little fingers!

Total cost: The Regolit shade costs £1.75, and I used a basket, pom pom trim and paper I had leftover from other crafts

Time taken: This is a nice easy one you should be able to complete in an hour or so

Are you working on a project for your kids this Christmas?

Thanks for reading,
Sam Xx



  1. Hi, love your kitchen hack. I'm currently half way doing mine and I have spray painted the kitchen and it has been left to dry but now dust comes off when being touched. Did you find that this had happened to you? How long does it last or can I do something to fix it? Thanks

    1. Hello! Ah how strange - no that didn't happen to me. Is this on the plastic parts? Did you prime them first with a spray paint primer? If not, you could use a sealant spray to finish off? I think Rustoleum make one - its called 'Crystal Clear protective coat'. Hope that helps!


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