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Five things to think about when viewing a house

Questions to ask when viewing a house

My friend recently went house viewing and asked me to help her write a list of questions for the estate agent, which made me think of all the important things to consider when deciding if this is the home for you.

Firstly I would highly recommend thinking about what it is that's important to you, and what you're looking for in a home. It is so easy to get blinded by the beauty of a house, however you need to keep your 'practical' head screwed on, and make sure it's somewhere that will work for you and your family, in terms of space, location and of course, price.

It's probably a good idea to sit down with whoever you will be buying with and making a list of all the things you definitely want out of this new home. For example is a garden a top priority? Can you absolutely not live without a downstairs loo? Are good public transport connections essential? Whilst this may cause a few arguments (or it did in our house!), this can work as the perfect checklist while you're out on a viewing.

Five things to think about when viewing a property

Location - As they say, location is everything. A property may be your dream house, but if you can't easily get to work in the morning it's unfortunately not going to be somewhere you can consider. I would recommend checking this out before booking a viewing, as that way you won't fall in love with somewhere impractical.

How long you could stay there - This is particularly important when looking for a first-time home. Have a think about how long you want to stay somewhere, and when you'd be happy to sell up and move on. If you're looking for somewhere you're planning to stay short-term, and perhaps to do-up, then space might not be much of an issue right now. However, if you've got plans to start or extend your family in the next few years it might be a good idea to find somewhere with enough space to do this without feeling pressured to move on again quickly. And let's face it, once you've done the whole moving thing once, you'll probably feel like you need a few years off before facing it all over again!

Questions to ask when viewing a house

Budget your time and money - Buying a 'doer-upper' has to be one of the most exciting projects you can take on. However, if your budget doesn't stretch to getting it all done in one fowl swoop, and you're not keen on living in a working progress, it might not be the project for you. Unfortunately some of the best homes we looked at needed just that little bit too much doing to it than we could afford in the near future.

Look beyond the decor -  I can't stress this one enough. You can literally transform or put your own stamp on anything, so don't let bad decor put you off! Although you may have to put in a little more elbow grease to get it exactly how you want it, this shouldn't put you off a property. I'm very familiar with is as when we bought our home we were faced with a nightmare post-box red lounge (including the ceilings!) which took no less than five undercoat and three top coats to get rid of it. Have a look at my lounge makeover post here for more pictures!

Questions to ask when viewing a house

'The feeling' - Finally, you have to have 'the feeling', as my Mum calls it. We must have viewed 10-15 properties before finding our home, and although they all had their pro's, none of them 'wowed' us.

I honestly felt like giving up at times but when we walked around our now-home we just knew it was the one. My mum always says 'If you're picturing where your Christmas tree is going to go, then it's the one!'. Whilst it might seem a bit nuts to be thinking about (particularly in the middle of summer!), if you're starting to imagine your furniture/possessions in a property, then it's probably doing something right for you! Don't just settle - wait until you get the feeling!

Questions to ask when viewing a house

Hope this has been helpful, and has helped you put together some questions to ask when viewing a property. Is there anything else you should be thinking about when looking around a potential home?

Thanks for reading,
Sam Xx

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