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Keeping your home clean and tidy (& stylish!) with pets

Keeping your home clean and tidy with pets from

Last year we welcomed the bundle of joy/mess/general insanity that is Betsy our Maltese-Poodle cross puppy. Whilst I've always wanted a fur baby of our own, I'm not too ashamed to admit that the affect a pet might have on our home (and my borderline OCD-level of cleanliness) worried me. However, while we've had our fair share of doggy-diarrhoea-on-my-favourite-rug incidents, I think (or I hope) I've managed to keep my home looking fairly neat and tidy, despite the inevitable whirlwind of mess and energy an animal brings.

So I thought I'd put together a list of things that can help you keep your house in one piece after you bring that bundle of furry love home. And while we're only dog owners, you can apply these tips to most fur babies - whatever their species!

Keeping your home clean and tidy with pets from

Pretty Pet Products
If you're anything like me, the thought of having an ugly, bulky, plastic beds/water bowls etc in your home fills you with dread, but there's no reason why all the 'stuff' your new furry friend comes with needs to be an eyesore. Betsy's bed (above) is a Cath Kidston find - they do a range of different sizes and colours, and it doesn't look out of place in my vintage-inspired kitchen at all. However, there's so many gorgeous pet beds and accessories out there - here's some of my top picks from the high street. 

Keeping your home clean and tidy with pets from
1. Dog Bed, Sophie Allport / 2. 'Feed Me' Pet Bin, Garden Trading / 3. Medium Pet Bin, Garden Trading / 4. Terrier Dog Bowl, Sophie Allport / 5. Pet Bed, Joules / 6. Rattan Dog Basket, / 7. Terrier Place Mat, Sophie Allport

I've got a large storage basket that lives in our kitchen to house all the other bits - think lead, collar, puppy pads, shampoo, treats etc. Everything is in one place, meaning things are easy to find, and even better than that, hidden away! And for any potential spillages, what about using a pretty placemat underneath your pet's bowl?

Scented Candles
These are a godsend at the best of times, I'm sure you'll agree, but there's nothing like a good quality candle to whack on in the aftermath of a puppy poonami. My White Company candle has saved the day on many occasions, and I'm currently covering up any smells with Stargazer Lily & Hibiscus  from  

Keeping your home clean and tidy with pets from
Yes, she has just covered my rug with shredded tissue - but look at that face!
Good Shampoo
I'm not really a fan of that dog smell at all, so Betsy has regular baths with white dog shampoo and conditioner from Animology, which has a gorgeous scent to it. It's not cheap, but so worth it if you want to banish any smells from your home, but I know it's a hell of a lot easier to bath a small dog!

Banish the Pet Hair
My hubby is asthmatic, so when researching breeds we always knew a non-shedder was the only option for us, which is obviously a lot easier to tidy up after. However, if your furry friend leaves hair wherever they go, you don't need to wave goodbye to your immaculate home. 

Top tip: If  your lint roller just isn't cutting it when it comes to pet hair, a good tip is to use a damp rubber glove to run over over upholstery like sofas, as it works a treat when collecting up stray hair.   

Keeping your home clean and tidy with pets from

Good Cleaning Products
I've left the most important bit for last, especially if you're a fan of neutral interiors like me. It goes without saying that you'll be inundated with poo, sick and random half-chewed Wheetos boxes appearing on your sofa out of nowhere (I've never bought Wheetos in my life - seriously, where did she even find that?!), but it's nothing that some strong cleaners can't handle. We swear by Vanish carpet cleaner and Febreeze pet spray, which honestly smells amazing!

Top tip: If all else fails the best tip I can offer is good old fashioned warm soapy water and washing-up liquid rubbed into the carpet with a towel and left to dry. Seriously, even Vanish couldn't get rid of this particular brown stain, but this worked a treat on my cream carpet. 

Is there anything else you pet owners swear by when keeping your house clean and tidy?

Thanks for reading, 
Sam Xx

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Keeping your home clean, tidy and stylish with pets from



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