Monday, 13 November 2017

Styling books within your home (& beautiful books to put on your Christmas list!)

styling coffee table books in your interior design in your home

If you’re a real bookworm like me you’ll have lots of books in your home, however they don’t need to be hidden away on a bookshelf or under the bed - there are ways you can incorporate books into your interior design and have your favourites stylishly on show. 

Coffee Table
One of the easiest ways to style beautiful books is on a coffee table or footstool in your lounge. Stack some high, chuck a candle on the top and style alongside some flowers to create a picture perfect vignette. 

Bedside Table
Being a bit of an insomniac I've always had a book or two next to my bed, which can add a personal touch to your decor. Pick books that compliment your colour scheme, or go with bold tones to make a statement and create a pretty bedside display. 

styling coffee table books in your interior design in your home

Children’s rooms
I always knew I wanted a reading corner to feature in my daughters room, however, being tight on space means there simply isn’t room for a bookcase. So I used these spice racks from IKEA to display some of my favourite childhood reads, which I hope she will fall in love with too when she’s old enough. 

styling coffee table books in your interior design in your home

Recipe and baking books are usually beautifully stylish, so it seems a waste to hide them away. How about displaying some on your kitchen shelves - making sure they’re close to hand when you’re craving cupcakes of course! 

I keep spotting lots of gorgeous books styled beautifully on Instagram/Pinterest, so thought I'd put together my list of the most stylish - those that will not only look amazing in your home, but might actually teach you something too! 

Books on my Christmas List

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