Saturday 16 April 2016

Getting into gardening

Seeing all the beautiful spring colours coming into bloom recently has got me really excited for my favourite time of year, summer, which totally feels right around the corner now. I'm totally missing the warmer weather and in particular my colourful garden that I've worked really hard on throughout last year.

When we first moved into our house the garden was crying out for some serious tlc. The borders were overgrown, the grass was patchy and the patio needed some serious weeding. 

After spending the first few months concentrating on getting the house how we wanted it, this summer we decided to focus more on the garden. My mum and dad's garden is their real passion, so I grew up around gardening, but never thought I would get into it as much as I have! 

We started with clearing away all the weeds from the boarders and the patio, which was VERY hard work. At the end of the garden, there was practically a wall of brambles which took almost a full day's work to clear, and seemingly never ending weeds growing between the patio slabs were difficult to get rid of. We also extended the border to make it wider, not helped by the difficult clay soil we have, and painted the shed blue. However, we finally got there and had a blank canvas to start creating our garden!

We started in about January, planting as many bulbs as we could fit into the border! We planted tulips, and they started to grow and bloom by the spring. In addition to this we planted small shrubs in the spring such as a budleia to fill up space at the end of the border, adding a strawberry bush, and hyacinth bulbs in pots to place around the patio. 

The other major change we made in the garden was to build some raised beds along one edge of the garden. To do this we simply screwed some planks from Homebase together and placed them alongside the fence. We then filled this with compost, and planted seeds such as Canterbury bell and , which bloomed later on in the summer. 

To finish it off we washed down the patio using a pressure washer, added a table and chairs and BBQ from ikea, put some solar lights along the patio slabs and popped some fairy lights along the fence.

This year we're hoping to paint the fence, continue adding more colour in our borders and create a vegetable patch at the end of the garden. 

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