Friday 18 November 2016

Inspiration: Stunning Shelfies

Styling a shelf

Friday on the blog is always all about the beautiful homes I've been crushing on recently, and every week I'll be running my Friday Faves - featuring a few of your beautiful homes and images I've been drawing inspiration from over the past few days.

This week I'm looking at the one of my favourites - shelfies! I'm a huge fan of a a beautifully styled shelf, so have loved having a nose at all of your shelf design ideas! Thanks so much to everyone who shared their pictures over on Instagram this week using the hashtag #DoveCottageFridayFaves - I had a record number of entries this week, so it's a super bumper edition today! I've featured some of my favourites here...

1. First up this week is this beautiful display from @mrs.jazmine.ross. I'm thinking this must be in her bathroom, I absolutely love the wire storage box and how cute does that star bunting look?

Styling a shelf

2. Next up is this beauty from @thecrazyspringerlady - how gorgeous are the colours here?! I'm in love with those cotton ball lights, I've been wanting some for ages and Claire's lovely picture has convinced me to get some! How pretty are the shelves themselves too? Those brackets are stunning, and I love everything about the way she's styled this look. 

Styling a shelf

3. I'm so glad the lovely @thehunterhousehold entered a picture this week as she has the most beautiful house, and a really fab blog too ( She made this picture rail herself and has a really fab DIY post on how to make it over on there too. I love the colours here - I'm a huge fan of neutral decor as I'm sure you know by now, so I love the simplicity of this shelf. Also you can't go wrong with some fairy lights can you?!

Styling a shelf

4. How amazingly vintage is @emma.jane.quinn's dresser?! We had a bit of a sneak peek of this in last week's Wonderful Wallpaper post, so it's lovely to get a close-up nose at it here! I love the crockery and how it's perfectly laid out - look at those cute teacups! Such a good example of how to style a shelf. 

Styling a shelf

5. @rebecca_a_kinmond has the same picture rails that I've got in my lounge, and I love the way she's styled hers. It's always a good idea to vary the heights of items on shelves, to add some variety and to catch the eye - which is exactly what Rebecca's done here. Also, look at the gorgeous little pineapple! 

Styling a shelf

6. I've always wanted one of these plate racks in my kitchen, but unfortunately I don't have enough wall space to squeeze one in, but I love how @laurakateelvis has used her's to show off lots of pretty things instead. Love that personalised chopping board too! 

Styling a shelf

7. Just look at this beautiful bedroom shelfie from @vee_mur! This is absolutely dreamy, and has made me so excited to start styling our nursery! I love that there's a pink theme but its not too overdone, and again Victoria has used different materials and varying heights to create a really beautiful display. Also I can't get over that monkey - how cute?! Victoria has also tagged this absolutely stunning pic of her dining room - how beautiful is this room?! So in love with the colour she's used on that feature wall, and those wooden shelves are to die for! What a lovely space. 

Styling a shelf

8. Next up is this lovely shelfie from @soboid - is it just me or is there something really christmassy about this picture? I think its the red and green colours! I love that Sonja has kept this really simple, with just a few lovely bits - how cute are those toadstools?! 

9. @mrsdebclark has shared this absolute beauty of a wall dresser. Being a huge Emma Bridgewater fan, I was instantly drawn to this one, and in particular how she's laid out the pieces here. The cream shelves makes it a lot easier to inject some colour using decorations, and those polka dot bits are perfect for that!
Styling a shelf

10. Next up is this lovely picture from @amycraske - how sweet is that quote on her sign?! I love the neutral colours she's gone with here, and gypsophila always looks amazing on its own, especially here in that little jug! Love the pretty wooden photo frame too. 

11. I'm totally in love with these stunning shelves from @hart_at_home - it's always a good idea when styling shelves to pick one or two colours to create a bit of a theme, and how perfect is the dusky pink that Aimee has chosen here. The books on the bottom shelf look amazing displayed like this - what a perfect little reading corner! I'm a huge fan of paper pom poms too, and think these finish off the look wonderfully. 

12. I've featured @laurastrath's beautiful home here before, so I'm glad she's sent in this lovely picture of her shelving unit this week. This really shows that little can go a long way when decorating shelves, and I love how simple yet effective this looks, especially alongside that gorgeous brickwork. 

13. How gorgeous is @somewhereovertherainbow888's lounge?! I love the way she's used her fireplace to display some photos, and they look perfect underneath that stunning vintage-style mirror - it really catches your eye and works well as a lovely feature point in the room. What a cosy looking space. 

14. I'm absolutely in love with @louise_rosexx's dining room - that wooden panelling! Her gorgeous rustic wooden shelf is the perfect fit for this room, and I love the way she's styled it too, very simply but beautifully. What a stunning space!

15. And last up today I just had to feature this absolute beauty from @gem.rose_x. How cute is that heart shelf, perfect for all that gorgeous Emma Bridgewater pottery - very jealous indeed! I've had my eye on that Rose & Bee teapot for a while, looks amazing here so might have to add it to my wish list after seeing Gem's stunning shelfie!

Hope this has provided you with some inspiration should you be thinking about putting together pretty shelf displays in your home. 

Next Friday I'll be looking at bedside tables! So don't forget to hashtag your pics showing your beautifully styled beside-the-bed displays over on Instagram with the hashtag #DoveCottageFridayFaves, and I'll feature some of my favourites next week! 

Thanks for reading, 
Sam Xx



  1. Ooh I love this series so much! Definitely going to be entering for next week (but first I'll tidy my bedside table up a bit! Haha)


    1. Thank you! Looking forward to seeing your pic! Xx


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