Monday 11 December 2017

9 Xmas decorations you can totally get away with all year round

I'm not going to lie, I absolutely LOVE decorating my home up for Christmas. Every year I adopt a new colour scheme, and love nothing more than checking out all the new festive accessories in the shops. However, wouldn't it be lovely to not have to pack away some of the pretty things come the new year? So I've picked out a couple of the items available on the high street this Christmas, that you could totally get away with keeping out all year around - and therefore more of a justifiable buy too, right?! 

Christmas decorations you can keep out all year round
1. Candlestick Holder, Marks & Spencer, £29.50 (instore only) / 2. Bowl, Sainsbury's, £3.50 (instore only) / 3. Stag Head, Asda, £8 / 4. Glass Decanter, Homesense, £9.99 (instore only) / 5. Vase,, £17.99 (online soon) / 6. Wire Star, Homesense, £12.99 (instore only) / 7. Glass Box, Homesense, £4.99 (instore only) / 8. Candlestick Holder, Amara, £27 / 9. Light Box, Sainsbury's, £12 

Which bits have you got your eye on?

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