Monday 31 December 2018

My house plans for 2019

I don’t know if it’s all the sitting around watching tv and binge-eating, but my brain always goes into overdrive this time of year planning what I want to change/update/redecorate in the new year. This time last year I started brainstorming my long-overdue downstairs loo revamp (have a look at how I DIY-ed wooden panelling for £32) and what on earth to do with my hideous plastic-y wardrobes, and this chrimbo-limbo week is no different...

This is the big one for me. As much as I love having a conservatory, it’s not very practical at the moment - very cold and pretty much unusable in the winter. Seeing as we’re currently being taken over by plastic crap, I’d love for this room to be more of an extension of the lounge as a playroom. So I'm going to start 2019 looking into how to heat this room better (there’s currently just a heater in here which doesn’t do very much), perhaps with a radiator or new insulated flooring. 

Spare room
Our small box room has had more revamps than I’d like to admit (its been a sewing room, baby's nursery and more recently a scandi-inspired bedroom), however it’s teeny size makes it really difficult to use, and to be honest I’m at a loss with what to do with it. It's become a duping ground again, so this year my spring de-clutter starts in here. Unfortunately we need a spare bed for visitors (and to escape the husbands snoring!), so it'll have to stay as a guest room, however I’m still undecided about the style/decoration I want to go for - although I'm swaying towards the dark side... 

It’s all looking very ‘meh’ out there at the moment, so I’d love to inject some colour and perhaps add a few more plants (that’s the answer to everything isn’t it?!) as it’s all a bit white out here for my liking. I think I'm going to start with painting the inside of the front door - something that's been on my to-do list for at least two years. 

Forever on my New Years to-do list, the kitchen is one of those rooms I’m just never going to be happy with I fear. A full revamp/new kitchen is not possible, but we’re planning on replacing the sink and taps, and painting THOSE peach tiles, which I hope will improve the look of things in here ever so slightly. 

What are your home plans for 2019?

Thanks for reading,
Sam Xx



  1. Interesting - kitchen is the one that doesn't cut it for me either!! I am not sure about painting the tiles though. Are you sure? It could go both ways. Why not wait and save until you can replace them? Hallway: Love the idea of painting the inside of the front door!!

  2. Wow looks like you have a busy 2019 ahead! We have the same issue as your convervatory, and while we aren't going to ready to convert it this year, a rug has worked wonders for when we need to walk through and don't want our toes getting chilly!

  3. I love this as a set of intentions for the year, your plans for 2019 sound great. Hallways are always an after thought, mine needs a tart up but I'm saving the heavy stuff until I replace the floor and that wont be this year. Good luck with all the DIY.

  4. I think we all have big plans! I'm so glad our kitchen is nearly finished. It is a marathon of a room to complete! But all the other updates sound lovely and will make all the difference. Good luck! Looking forward to seeing your progress x

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