Friday 16 August 2019

Weekend Mini-Makes: DIY plant pot from tile samples

Time for another Weekend Mini-Make - a cheap and quick craft project perfect you can complete over the weekend. This week I've stepped away from the wool (I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear!) and I've made a cute little plant pot using some leftover tile samples. 

I'm currently obsessed with beautiful Moroccan-style patterned tiles, so while my dream bathroom might be a while off yet, I've come up with a way I can inject some pretty pattern into my home without the need for a full redecoration! This craft took me about 20 minutes to make, and best of all cost me just a few pennies. 

Total spend: £1.95

You will need:
Five wall tiles - I picked up mine from Topps Tiles for 39p each, however lots of places offer free tile samples, so shop around and you might be able to get an even better bargain! I chose five different patterns so every side is different, however the beauty of a craft like this is you could choose any tile you like - just make sure all five are the same size

Strong glue - I used No More Nails which I had leftover from another project, however superglue would work well too

Tip: Apply the glue to the back of the tiles, and not on the edges to avoid having any ugly edges showing when your plant pot is assembled 

Firstly, apply a line of glue to a tile and hold another tile at a 90 degree angle for a few seconds. Once it feels secure, repeat the process for all four tiles until you've created a complete square. Then, apply a line of glue around the base and stick your bottom tile on.   

Leave to dry for a couple of hours and you're all done! Easy as that. If you want to plant directly into the pot you will need to make some drainage holes in the bottom tile using a strong drill (I'd recommend drilling before sticking together) However for ease, I've simply placed a potted plant inside which can then be removed to water.

And there you have it! A stylish addition to your bathroom or kitchen shelves - for next to nothing. And it doesn't just have to be used as a plant pot - how about popping make-up brushes, or even a roll of tissues in one?

Hope you enjoyed this quick and simple DIY - let me know if you make one, I'd love to see! And check back next Friday for another quick craft perfect for completing over the weekend.

Thanks for reading,
Sam Xx

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