Wednesday 9 March 2022

Update your home for Spring 2022 for under £20

Home decor inspiration for Spring on a budget. From cushions to candles, dried flowers to bedding. Pastel colourful decor inspiration for your home

It's that time again, where I trawl through the high street looking for all the best bargain home finds this season, so you don't have to. Spring is my favourite time of year, it always feels so positive and like better times are round the corner, more so than ever at the moment. And as ever, there's so many lovely bits around through which you can update your home ahead of the new season.

In case you're new around here, this is my long-running series (over five years now!) where I share some budget ways to update your home for the new season, featuring all the best new bits available on the high street. You can have a read through all my previous posts in this series here - there's lots of bits included in previous posts that are now in the sale, so always worth revisiting just in case.

For Spring 2022 there's lots of beautiful bright colours such as yellow and pink everywhere (my personal favourite colour combo, so you can tell how much I loved putting this one together!) I previously shared some of this years biggest trends on this post here - which are perfect for adding a seasonal touch to your home.

Under £10
The colours here are so up my street - all those beautiful yellows! This was one of the hardest mood boards to make I've ever done, simply because there was so many bits I wanted to include it was a struggle to fit them all in! I'm absolutely obsessed with the daisy cushions - in the planning of this blog post I actually caved and ordered one of the yellow ones for my daughters room, and can confirm its great quality, although for £7 you can't go wrong really can you?! If you're currently planning your Easter lunch set-up, there's lots of beautiful bits here to choose from - I've got my eye on those pastel coloured candles from Habitat, and the beautiful table mats from Oliver Bonas would be a beautiful addition. 

Home decor inspiration for Spring on a budget. From cushions to candles, dried flowers to bedding. Pastel colourful decor inspiration for your home
Top row (left-right): Two-tone wicker basket, B&M, £5 / Leaf embossed candle, B&M, £4 / Lilac tumbler, George at Asda, £2.50 / Lilac wine glass, George at Asda, £3 / Rainbow vase with faux flowers, George at Asda, £6 / Wall hanging, B&M, £6 / Shaped candle, Habitat at Sainsbury's, £9 / Scallop mug, Homesense, £3.99 / Oven gloves, Homesense, £7.99 / Body candle, Primark Home. £1.50 / Set of 5 pastel candles, Habitat at Sainsbury's, £6 
Second row (left-right): Floral cushion, George at Asda, £7 / Yellow check cushion, George at Asda, £10 / Sun pattern cushion, George at Asda, £8 / Eucalyptus in vase, Primark, £6 / Cat mug, Wilko, £3.50 / Apron, Wilko, £5 / Flower cushions (available in yellow & lilac), £7 each, George at Asda / Blush glass vase, B&M, £8 / Wire fruit bowl, Matalan, £6.50 / Orange plant pot, Oliver Bonas, £9.50 / White and yellow mug, Matalan, £3 / Amber glass, Homesense, £3.99 / Tea towels, Wilko, £5 / Easter candle wreath, B&M, £5
Third row (left-right): Donut vase, Primark, £6 / Pink glass vase, Wilko, £8 / Wavy plate, Oliver Bonas, £8.50 / Candlestick, Oliver Bonas, £8.50 / Sunshine mug, Wilko, £3.50 / Pink dish, Homesense, £5.99 
Fourth row (left-right): Gold candlestick, B&M, £3 / Tall terracotta vase, Homesense, £6.99 / Plate, Oliver Bonas, £5 / Dried grass in gold vase, Primark, £4 / Bee cushion, Matalan, £8 / 'Sunny days' cushion, Matalan, £10 / Rainbow dipping bowl (available in pink & yellow), Matalan, £5 / Bedding, George at Asda, £10
Bottom row (left-right): Green jug, Wilko, £7 / Picnic plate, B&M, £2 / Green soap dispenser, Primark, £4 / Faux plant in pot, B&M, £6 / Ceramic oil & vinegar bottles, Matalan, £8 / Table mats (available in two patterns), Oliver Bonas, £4.50 each / Small woven basket, Matalan, £8 / Faux flowers in vase, B&M, £8 / Bath mat, Homesense, £9.99

Under £15
There's so many lovely pastel coloured bits around at the moment - perfect for adding a pop of colour to your living room (through some bright new cushions), kitchen shelves (mugs) and mantlepiece (vase). If you're looking for some easter decorations, why not hang some pretty eggs up? Finally, a pretty bathmat is a really simple way of adding a pop of colour to your bathmat, and who doesn't need a spring wreath to adorn their front door?! 

Home decor inspiration for Spring on a budget. From cushions to candles, dried flowers to bedding. Pastel colourful decor inspiration for your home
Top row (left-right): Shell cushion, B&M, £10 / Pink dried grass, George at Asda, £12 / Stripe plant pot, Oliver Bonas, £12.50 / Cherry mug, Oliver Bonas, £12 / Lemon mug, Oliver Bonas, £14 / 'Do your thing' mug, Oliver Bonas, £12.50 / Eucalyptus wreath, Wilko, £12 / Lemon print, Habitat at Sainsbury's, £12
Middle row (left-right): Set of 2 glass storage jars, Habitat at Sainsburys, £13 / Spotty roaster, Habitat at Sainsbury's, £12.50 / Ceramic 'glasses' holder, Oliver Bonas, £12.50 / Yellow cushion, Matalan, £12 / Pink & yellow cushion, Habitat at Sainsbury's, £12 / Leopard cushion, Habitat at Sainsbury's, £12 / Rattan coat hooks, George at Asda, £10 / Orange basket bowl, Homesense, £12.99 / Set of 2 ceramic vases, Primark, £12 / Face plant pot with faux aloe, Habitat at Sainsbury's, £12 / Orange & green cushion, Habitat at Sainsbury's, £14 / Rattan tray, Habitat at Sainsbury's, £12 / Orange & green cushion, Habitat at Saisbury's, £14 / Pink & yellow glass vase, Habitat at Sainsbury's, £14 
Bottom row (left-right): Bread basket, Oliver Bonas, £12.50 / Felt hanging eggs, National Trust shop, £12 / Cushion, Homesense, £14.99 / Tufted cushion, Primark, £10 / Pom pom cushion, Matalan, £12 / 'You go girl' bath mat, Matalan, £10

Under £20

If you're looking to create, or even just update, a gallery wall, then that beautiful yellow print would be the perfect start - look for artwork in similar colours to create a theme that would brighten up any dull corner. How gorgeous are those doormats too - a really simple way of updating your entranceway for the new season. Finally, stripes seem to be popping up everywhere at the moment, so that beautiful light shade would be a great way of adding this trend to any space. 

Home decor inspiration for Spring on a budget. From cushions to candles, dried flowers to bedding. Pastel colourful decor inspiration for your home
Top row (left-right): 'Happy days' art, Matalan, £20 / Light shade, Oliver Bonas, £20 / Fern in planter, B&M, £15 / Green glass vase, Next, £18 / Easter wreath, Homesense, £19.99 / Glass vase, Habitat at Sainsbury's, £20 
Middle row (left-right): Yellow cake stand, Homesense, £16.99 / Palm candlestick, Oliver Bonas, £7 / Crochet cushion, George at Asda, £15 / Pink & white cushion, Dobbies, £19.99 / Tufted cushion, Habitat at Sainsbury's  £16 / Orange candle, Oliver Bonas, £16.50 
Bottom row (left-right): Rabbit butter dish, Dobbies, £16.99 / Hessian outdoor floor cushion, B&M, £20 / Door mat (available in different patterns), Oliver Bonas, £19.50 each / Dried grass in vase, George at Asda, £15 / Yellow vase,, £18 / Planter, Matalan, £16 / Wooden ladder shelf, Matalan, £20 

Which bits do you have your eye on? 

Thanks for reading, 

Sam Xx


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