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Welcome to my blog! I'm Sam and I live in Kent, UK with my husband, our two-year-old daughter and puppy, Betsy. I'm currently spending every spare moment I have attempting to transform our modern first house into my dream home, with little budget, and just my own two hands! I believe that any house can become your dream home if you fill it with things you love. Just because you're renting, are on a tight budget, or (like me) are not currently in your 'forever home', doesn't mean you can't live in beautiful surroundings.

After spending years in rental properties, struggling to barely hang a picture on a wall without fear of losing our deposit, me and my husband bought our first house - and I quickly became addicted to all things interiors. However, despite the fact that there is SO MUCH inspiration out there nowadays, places like Instagram and Pinterest can often feel like a minefield of million pound properties and beach-side mansions, which can has regularly left me feeling deflated.

Four years ago, after moving in I was really struggling with my mental health, and in an attempt to distract myself, I spent a rainy Saturday afternoon painting a table I'd found in my parents garage. It sparked something in me and I've not looked back. I feel like I can do anything with a paintbrush in my hand, there's no limitations. I promise that wherever you live, whatever your situation, you can make big changes to your home and your mental health with your own two hands.

So I hope this blog can be somewhere slightly more down-to-earth, where you can feel inspired to create your own beautiful space, regardless of where it is, and even if you've only got a few quid spare and no team of professionals to help. Because I believe wherever you're living has the ability to be your dream home.

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Hope you enjoy having a nose, thanks for stopping by!

Love, Sam Xx

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  1. Hi Sam, I’ve just discovered your blog via Brenda at Cozy Little House and love what you’ve achieved in your small space home. I live in a small mobile home where built in storage is very limited. It’s amazing how quickly clutter can get out of hand! I really have to keep on top of it!

    1. Hi Sue! Thanks so much for having a read, and for your kind words! It's hard work living in a small home isn't it, you've got to constantly work to keep the clutter under control!


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